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KISES Project Areas
Seasonal Residential Hostel
City Dump Facilities
Fish are scarce. The men and women from the fishing communities of Peduputnam and Erumondi find that they must leave their villages for ten to 14 days to find fish.  It is not practical to take children over 2 years old with them on the trips, so they leave them at home with elderly relatives who are unable to give them the stimuation, nutrition and care that they need.  KISES has a project plan to convert the top floor of the KISES medical centre into a seasonal residential hostel for vunerable children, providing the with a safe place with clean drinking water, food, clothing, shoes, pens, pencils and books.  The children will go to the local government schools during the day.  
There is a vibrant community living and working at the Vijayawada City Dump.  They live in make shift tents, have no access to clean water or toilets.  They often have cuts on their hands and their feet as they walk barefoot and sort through the rubbish with no hand protection.  The children play amongst the rubbish, they have no access to education, yet they are bright, fun loving, intelligent and hopeful for a better future.  KISES needs a vehicle to supply them with food and medical care and to take the children to school.  They need a toilets and wash facilities on the dump and homes outside of the dump area.  They need shoes. gloves and masks.
Access to Higher Education
Life Skills and Retraining
Local schools are provided for children aged 5-10.  They have high aspirations. When asked they say they want to be Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Police.  However many children do not have the opportunity to continue their studies as access to high schools is difficult and costly.
KISES proposes to give families the chance for their children to go to high school by finding sponsors who will pay the cost for them to stay in hostels near to the High Schools in the nearest big towns or cities.
Today 65% of the Indian population depends on Agriculture, while the share of this sector is only 22% of GDP.  There is drastic need from reskilling.  KISES has already provided reskilling programs for women such as in Tailoring and IT.  They propose training in dairy farming.
There are 340 children from migrant areas in the project area; there is low awareness and a lack of community sensitivity to child issues such as birth registration, health, education, livelihood.  Girls reaching puberty are kept at home which restricts their access to education and health facilities.  60% of girls will be married before reaching the legal age of marriage; some children are as young as 9 years old.  KISES has a full communication and educational programme with all levels of the community to tackle these important issues.
Time for a change
'When I visited the project areas, in particular the City Dump Community, the most shocking thing for me was that these were people just like you or me; every man, women and child offered smiles and warmth, the children played and joked around (we had a jumping contest), they have hopes and dreams, love and affection, they keep their homes (makeshift tents) tidy. '
Meriel Woodward - Communications - Director United Kingdom
'Please help me to help them; spread the word.  Pledge a small donation.
Thank you!'