Answering the call for help...

Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society was set up in 1999 in South East India by the people for the people.
The founder, Mr & Mrs Shoury Babu Rebba are dalits, from a lower middle caste and have suffered lifelong discrimination through India's unfair caste system, which classes people according to their birth, so they understand the problems that the communities face and is committed to making a change.
Due to poor infrastructure and difficulties of access the communities of Edurumondi Island and Pedapatnam have limited communication facilities, limited access to drinking water, education or skills training and healthcare.  
Thanks to international funding from TDH over a six period from 2006 to 2012, KISES has built 800 toilet buildings for individual families and provided water and sanitation training.  They have worked with communities on Adult literacy, Health (preventative and curative aspects, Livelyhood, Agriculture, Disaster Preparedness, relief and rehabilitation programs, Environmental Issues & Vocational training/ upgrading of skills.  
KISES continue to work with the communities and have several 'ready to go' project plans to builid on the great work already completed and to reach other communities, but they urgently need funding to make things happen.  
'Securing funding within India is extremely difficult, particularly as we are lower caste people' says Executive Director, Mrs Rajani Suram.  So she has been working tirelessly to attract foreign funding her modest home in the city of Vijayawada.  
In 2014 she made contact with Meriel Woodward, a single working mum of two in Northern England via Facebook.  Meriel agreed to help, and in November 2015 she quit her job to visit India to see the charity and its work first hand.
On her visit Meriel was shocked at the difficulties of these communities, whilst at the same time struck by the village peoples warmth, positivity and desire to help themselves change for the better.  She returned to the UK committed to find the funding needed to implement the KISES projects by increasing awareness and an ambitious fundraising campaign.

KISES UK became a registered charity in March 2016 and fundraising activities are continuing through individual donations, community fundraising, Grants from Charitable Trusts and Corporate Donors.
Time for a change
'When I visited the project areas, in particular the City Dump Community, the most shocking thing for me was that these were people just like you or me; every man, women and child offered smiles and warmth, the children played and joked around (we had a jumping contest), they have hopes and dreams, love and affection, they keep their homes (makeshift tents) tidy. '
Meriel Woodward - Communications - Director United Kingdom
'Please help me to help them; spread the word.  Pledge a small donation.
Thank you!'